Millions of epitaxial wafers are, with well over 100 reactor chambers, are produced each year using the PE 2061 S reactor.
This reactor has been specially designed for severe applications such as PowerMos, Discrete, IGBT and special devices of up to 250 microns per 200 Ohm x cm.
For this reason the PE 2061 S has become a field proven reactor used by some of the world’s most important semiconductor manufacturing companies.
The PE 2061 S is a barrel type reactor with both atmospheric and reduced pressure process capabilities, one pass gas flow low frequency inductive heating (4 kHz) and dual station concept.

The reactor does not take up valuable space in the Clean Room thanks to its through the wall mounting configuration. It also boasts a small reactor footprint in the Gray Room.
The loading and unloading bay for the wafers is a class 10 environment.
Depending on the configuration used, 4’’, 5’’, 6’’ and 8’’ wafers can be loaded.

The control software includes:

  • automatic operation of Epi process
  • configuration and diagnostic
  • precision software temperature control
  • GEM SECS interface as option functions

The generator is a new generation solid state IGBT and is very small. It is remote controllable and is equipped with two independent power outputs thus cutting out the necessity for a power transfer switch.

In conclusion, the PE 2061 S reactor provides:

  • Excellent wafer quality
  • Low per wafer production costs
  • High throughput productivity
  • Unique process characteristic for thick EPI applications.