Today’s Microelectronics Industry is demanding increasingly high quality epitaxial wafers at very competitive prices.
To meet this growing challenge, LPE put its 30 years of experience in epitaxial reactor design and manufacture into developing the PE 3061 reactor.

The new PE 3061 reactor’s chief characteristics can be summarized as follows:

  • Wafer quality as close as possible to single wafer reactors
  • Cost of ownership as close as possible to batch reactors
  • Thick film deposition capability
  • Typical applications include: new generation discrete technology, PowerMos, IGBT, thin layers

The PE 3061 is a small batch reactor with reduced wafer load to improve quality and short cycle time to maintain a remarkable throughput.

PE 3061, the solution which meets the all of the demands of today’s industry … a future reference point in Epitaxial Technology.